Brighten Your Business This Season!

Whether you run a restaurant, store, or just want to warm up the office this winter, decorating your business is an important part of preparing for the holiday season! At Christmas Decor by Bama Exterminating, we offer commercial holiday decorating services to spread cheer to your business!

All-Inclusive Service

Don’t lift a finger! We provide all the materials and services you need to have beautiful holiday home, without breaking a sweat!

Award-Winning Service

With three awards from our national franchise under our belts, you can always expect responsive, fast, and friendly service!


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We make sure your display is looking its best all season long. Our services don’t stop after installation–we’ll take of clean-up & storage!


“Christmas Decor by Bama Exterminating has decorated my home for the past four years and our lake house for a year. They do an unbelievable job!

Lee K.

Commercial Christmas Decorating Services in Hoover

Whether you’re scheduling your holiday crew, keeping up with inventory, or working in the field, managing a business during the holiday rush can be a lot to juggle. Our commercial holiday decorating services in Hoover can help put some excitement back into the holidays while taking something off your plate. Our services are all included in one package, including:

  • Custom designs
  • Damage-free installation
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Timely, safe takedown
  • And free, off-site storage

Show Your Business’ Personality

Sick of having a half-baked Christmas display? Feeling like your brand isn’t shining through? If you’re ready for your business to turn heads and spread cheer, we have you covered. All of our commercial holiday decorating services in Hoover come with our custom designs that are tailored to fit your business. We take the time to consider the unique aspects of your space, learn more about your vision, and create a custom-designed holiday display to match. You can be sure that your decor will match the look and feel of your business, and you can sit back and relax knowing that the hard work will be done for you by our expert installers.

Safe, Damage-Free Installation Practices

Gone are the days when you have to scale a ladder and hang lights from your building. Why not keep your holiday safe by allowing us to install your holiday display for you? Our trained installers are true professionals, and are dedicated to giving you a gorgeous display through safe practices. We will install all of your holiday decor using our damage-free methods, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you and your customers are safe on the ground and that your property is damage-free after the decorations come down.

Displays That Look Good All Season Long

Here at Christmas Decor by Bama Exterminating, we are dedicated to ensuring that your commercial holiday display looks great all season long. That’s why we are happy to provide ongoing maintenance for your holiday decor, down to the very last bulb. We will come back to ensure that everything is working properly and are ready to return to fix anything that might go wrong between set up and take down. With our commercial holiday decorating services in Hoover, you can be sure that your decorations will look great every day of the season.

We’ll Take on the Hassle of Storage

Are you sick of having to take up precious inventory storage with your holiday decorations all year just to use them for a month? We hear you, and that’s why we are happy to offer secure storage of all of your holiday decorations during the off season. Once we safely remove your holiday decor at the end of the season, we will package and store all of your products until next year, when we can do it all over again. We’ll even keep a copy of your design plan so you can go into next year knowing you’re already covered!

Save yourself from tangled lights and crooked trees!